How do I pay a traffic ticket?


Cash, Money Order for Certified Check

  • Mail: 112 S 2nd Street RM A, Decatur IN 46733-1618 
  • In Person: Clerk’s office at above address 

Payments made payable to: Adams County Clerk

**Personal or Company checks are not accepted and will be returned to you.**


Visa, MasterCard and Discover with additional fee

  • In Person: Driver’s license required with credit card
  • Phone: 866-369-7671
  • Online:;  Doxpop service fees             range from $5 to $40; see website.


Failure to appear in Court or pay judgment

by appearance date on citation will result in

late fees added and/or suspension of

driving privileges with the BMV.

»» NOTICE: Tickets issued prior to December 31, 2013 must be paid through Eagle Accounts. Contact via website: or 888-322-3245.

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